School Tours

School Tours

There’s a lot to be said about solitary surfing, the inner peace it brings and the addictive thrill of catching a wave. You know what’s better than that? Surfing with a bunch of your best mates. You can laugh at each other faceplanting straight into the water, you’ve got witnesses to that really awesome wave you totally caught (but there’s never anyone there to see it, right?) and it’s a great precursor to a drink or meal afterwards.

If you’re looking to treat your employees to some fun team building or your bride-to-be is more interested in getting in a wetsuit than a club, surfing is the perfect option for you. We give you all the equipment and guidance you need to have a great time.

Every group must have the minimum of 8 people. Please be aware that the lesson can be canceled or shorten due to health and safety reasons. We can give you the best surfing experience in the sunny South East! If you’d like to see what we can do for your group, ring us now or drop us an email.

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Tramore surf school lesson

Kids Surf Camp

€35 Base Price